International Institute for Race Medicine

Post-Race Questionnaire


As the road race industry grows, so does the demand for appropriate medical care at all types of endurance events and a common question asked by race and medical directors is, “What do I need in the way of medical support at my event?” 


To adequately address this and other similar questions, the road race industry needs substantive quantitative research to provide clear answers to support large and small scale athletic events.


By participating in our post-race questionnaire with hundreds of other events worldwide, you will be assisting our researchers with their efforts to make race comparisons based on field size, distances, type of course, time of year, weather, and injury rates. Your participation is vital to help the IIRM make evidence-based conclusions and provide substantiated outcomes.


All events taking part in the questionnaire and their medical directors will be shown as study participants, unless you choose not to be listed.


Together, we can continue to promote the benefits of running and ensure the safety of our runners.


If you have any questions regarding the study or the requested information, please contact Chris Troyanos, ATC at 781-710-3301 or


Event Name
Event Type
Race Director
Race Director Email
Race Director Phone
Medical Director
Medical Director Email
Medical Director Phone
Event Date
Event Start Times
Number of Participants
Course Type
Finishing time of first runner
Time last runner completes the course
Course Temperature
Finish Line Temperature
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
How were the measurement taken?
Runners Treated on the Course Medical Tents
Runners Treated on the Finish Line Medical Tents
Runners Transported via EMS from the Course
Runners Transported via EMS from the Finish Line Area
Number of the Hyperthermic Runners
Number of Ice Immersion Conducted
Number of Runners who received an IV
Number of Fatalities