Phys Ed: Should Children Run Marathons?

With temperatures warming and the snows of 2011 finally dissolving into oatmeal slush, many people are feeling an insistent urge to get outside and run, perhaps even to start training for a spring marathon or other distance race. But for some of us, particularly those with young families, this laudatory goal can pose a problem. Should we take our kids with us? Can and should children, at any age, be runners?

Runner in Twin Cities 10-mile race suffers cardiac arrest, but is revived

Oct 08, 2012 (Pioneer Press - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- A middle-aged runner collapsed with a cardiac arrest during the Medtronic TC 10 Mile race Sunday, Oct. 7, but he was rescued by first aid responders including ski and mountain bike patrol members and fellow runners. Roberts said the responders performed CPR and got the man's heart restarted with an automated external defibrillator carried by the mountain bikers. The man was taken to a hospital for treatment, Roberts said. Roberts said there have been two other cardiac arrests in the 14-year history of the 10-mile race, but no fatalities. He said there have been two sudden cardiac deaths in the 31-year history of the Twin Cities Marathon. Based on the history of the Twin Cities Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon, an article recently published by Roberts and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota found that for every million marathon finishes, 26 people can be expected to have a ca ...

Loughborough University commence project with IIRM

Loughborough University have started work on the collaborative race medicine project with the IIRM and the Matthew Good Foundation. Led by Dr Phil Watson, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, the project will run for a year with the aim of finding out about current medical practice at road and endurance races around the world. Dr Stephen Mears has been appointed to help coordinate the project. With the knowledge and expertise of the IIRM executive board, great strides should be made in developing best practice models and educational tools for common race scenarios including running related medical problems, race set up and equipment and personnel requirements.