SAN DIEGO, CA (May 5, 2016) – The International Institute of Race Medicine (IIRM) and Race Guards have formed a partnership to improve the standard of in-race medical support offered at road race endurance events.  The partnership brings together two organizations committed to ensuring the health and safety of race participants throughout the world.  

The IIRM is an international collective of medical professionals with the goal of furthering research education and best practices in marathons and other endurances races throughout the world.    

Race Guards is comprised of athletes who support running and endurance events of all sizes and distances throughout the country.  Race Guards are CPR, AED and First Aid certified first-responders who volunteer at races throughout the country to provide an extra level of medical and first aid support on the race course.   Race Guards work in tandem with the race medical team to bring another layer of medical support to race participants. 

“The IIRM and its members advocate for safer races, and Race Guards “raises the bar” on the level of in-race first aid and medical support provided on the course”, said Chris Troyanos, Executive Director, IIRM.  “It is our goal to have Race Guards to establish “best practices” at races throughout the country, and we look forward to working with their team to ensure a safe and rewarding race experience for runners. “

Race Guards and the IIRM will share best practices, education, and research amongst its membership base and work together in an alliance that is focused on advocating for safer events that will make a difference in the well-being of athletes.  

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