Heart attack, heat attack and brain attack

Loughborough University have started work on the collaborative race medicine project with the IIRM and the Matthew Good Foundation. Led by Dr Phil Watson, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, the project will run for a year with the aim of finding out about current medical practice at road and endurance races around the world. Dr Stephen Mears has been appointed to help coordinate the project. With the knowledge and expertise of the IIRM executive board, great strides should be made in developing best practice models and educational tools for common race scenarios including running related medical problems, race set up and equipment and personnel requirements.

Boston Marathon 2014

Over the Easter weekend, Dr Steve Mears travelled to the Boston Marathon to view the race medical set up. The weekend was very poignant and emotional for many of the medical team and runners after the traumatic events of last year but served to highlight the strength of the team involved

Working closely with St John Ambulance, UK

The UK section of the IIRM have been working to forge links with St. John Ambulance. We see St. John as a key player in helping to improve race medicine. They work at a lot of the races in the UK and it was felt, that with their links and expertise within the UK race scene, the involvement of the IIRM would help strengthen best practice. We hope to work closely with St. John to assist with educational resources for many of their staff volunteering at events in the UK. Links have been made with the north east region of St. John with the aim of spreading throughout the UK.

BTN LiveBIG - 5 minutes can save a life

Four years ago, the American Heart Association recommended changing the traditional method of CPR. That same year the AHAS got a vocal champion in Northwestern’s Dr. George Chiampas. He brought passion and a personal story to his commitment to changing the way everyone gets trained on saving sufferers of heart attacks. Chiampas was the Team Physician with the Northwestern Intercollegiate Sports Medicine for 5 years, and is currently on staff at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Chiampas also serves as the Medical Director for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and Shamrock Shuffle. BTN LiveBIG talked with him about why he is so driven to get everyone trained in the simpler version of CPR.