Chris Troyanos, ATC
Executive Director

Chris Troyanos has an extensive record when providing medical leadership and logistical support at a number road  races.  He has a 36 year history with the Boston Marathon - 20 of those years as the events Medical Coordinator.    His leadership skills have lead to a collaborative public safety approach to endurance medical care. Chris organizing a medical committee of over 50 medical professionals and another 1400 on-site medical volunteers. He has been the primary liaison to the various cities and towns supporting the race. His partnerships and relationship building skills have created strong ties with the Department of Public Health, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and numerous participating hospitals.   As the Medical Coordinator to the Boston Athletic Association, he was instrumental in developing the medical coverage plan for the 100th running of Boston Marathon, and the medical response to the 2012 Boston Marathon where over 2300 runners were successfully treated during an 86 degree day. He has over 30 years of experience when it comes to the implementation of medical coverage and care for a variety of athletic events.

In addition to his work with the Boston Marathon, Chris also provided leaderships and planning to a variety of Half Marathons, 10K and charity walks.   He has established vital partnerships with a number of key corporate supporters by partnering with Philips HealthCare, Covdien, and  Abbot Labs . His efforts have allowed the Boston Marathon to enjoy the largest level of medical sponsorship and gift in kind support in the country