Martin Schwellnus, MD

Professor Schwellnus holds an MBBCh (cum laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand, an MSc (Med) and a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from the University of Cape Town. He has been awarded Fellowship’s from the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Sports Medicine Federation. Currently he is a Full Professor in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Cape Town, a Consultant Sports Physician at the Sports and Exercise Medicine Clinic at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa in Cape Town. He is also the Director of the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence in Cape Town, and Director of one of only four IOC Research Centers in the world. His committee activities are extensive and include the following: Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical Commission – Medical and Science group, Vice President of the International Sports Medicine Federation (FIMS), Vice-president of the African Union of Sports Medicine (UAMS) and member of the CAF Medical committee. He has over 300 publications in international Sports Medicine and national peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed scientific journals, and has authored numerous chapters in sports medicine books. His current main research interests are the aetiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC), the epidemiology of illness in athletes (including football players), the epidemiology, aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions in athletes, the biomechanics of overuse injuries in sport, genetics and sports injuries, and the epidemiology of injuries in sport.